Our mission is to provide opportunities for the local Indian tribes in the Darien Gap through Community base efforts. By creating opportunities we help the Indian's Keep tribal traditions alive and be able to pass them down to generations to come. Also we bring modern tools to help them with their arts. And are involved in Sports, Music, Ag, Educational and self help Programs. 
Thank you so much for your help. We will make sure your donation is put to work with integrity.
The Arts
Long Term Goals

About Us

A dream team with 30 years of hardcore experience in Tribal community efforts.

Chad Cook

​Community Outreach
​Chad manages our ever-important relationships within the community.

Dennis and Jeanne Cook
​Dennis and Jeanne are the parents to Chad and Jason. They started their effort "Vida Ministries" in the area in 1984. They are consultants to our effort with 30 + years of community programs.

To create opportunity so the villages have a choice to stay living by their traditions or to go out and get an educations so they can return and serve the community. To protect their lifestyle from a changing world.  

Jason Cook

​Jason runs the day to day. He answers all the questions and is involved in the community programs Planning.

We buy and bring tools for the USA and give to the ladies that create jewelry they sell to the tourist that come to their villages and also on the world market. We also bring new ideas on design and materials they use in the jewelry . 

We create Opportunity


Learn more about our founder, Jason Cook.

We always have been involved in farming in the area for the last 30 years. When we got to the Darien in 1984 the Indians fought us how to farm the land by hand. Now we are teaching them better crops and more profitable ways to plant.
Plant a seed of Charity and Harvest for a life time